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The Answer

Every Day Demons: Red CD (With DVD)

CD/DVD £7.00

Release Date: 02/03/2009

Discs: 2

"Everyday Demons" is the second studio album by Irish rock band The Answer. It was released on 2 March 2009 in the UK.

CD Tracklisting:

1. Demon Eyes
2. Too Far Gone
3. On And On
4. Cry Out
5. Why'd You Change Your Mind
6. Pride
7. Walkin' Mat
8. Tonight
9. Dead Of The Night
10. Comfort Zone
11. Evil Man

DVD Tracklisting:

1. Never Too Late
2. Cormac Neeson (Interview)
3. Keep Believin'
4. Paul Mahon (Interview)
5. Under The Sky
6. James Heatley (Interview)
7. Let The Good Times Roll Tour
8. Come Follow Me
9. Micky Waters (Interview)
10. Be What You Want
11. Be What You Want (Live In Japan)
12. Moment (Live In Japan)
13. Under The Sky (Acoustic Unplugged TV Session)