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The Answer

Rise 10th Anniversary Edition 2CD Album

Deluxe CD £18.00

Release Date: 17/06/2016

Discs: 2

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Gatefold Hardback Book Casing w/32 page book

The Answer are releasing a 10th Anniversary reissue of their most successful Rise album which sold over 100,000 copies worldwide including almost 40,000 in the UK & Eire. The original album was never released on vinyl and part of this reissue package will include a limited numbered 180g vinyl, a 12” hard book with 32 bound pages of extended artwork plus exclusive never before heard recordings including all of their 2004 Rise demos from the original album.

Rise gave the band, who hail from Northern Ireland, a hit not only in the UK but in other key international territories, notably Japan where they sold over 10,000 copies in one day. The 2006 album set them on their way to not only performing shows with the likes of AC/DC, Deep Purple, Whitesnake, The Rolling Stones and Paul Rodgers but also headlining shows across the world. Classic Rock magazine named The Answer ‘Best New Band’ in 2005 and in the same year Jimmy Page, who attended several concerts, also gave them his seal of approval.

As support for this release the band will be performing 3 sold out headline club shows in Belfast, Manchester and London as well as supporting Whitesnake across Europe for most of summer 2016. They will also perform Rise live on the main stage at this years UK Ramblin Man Fair Festival.

Disc 1

1. Under The Sky
2. Never Too Late
3. Come Follow Me
4. Be What You Want
5. Memphis Water
6. No Questions Asked
7. Into The Gutter
8. Sometimes Your Love
9. Leavin' Today
10. Preachin'
11. Always

Disc 2

1. Under The Sky (2016 Mix)
2. Never Too Late (2004 Demo)
3. New Day Rising (2004 Demo)
4. Too Far Gone (2004 Demo)
5. Preachin' (2004 Demo)
6. Always (2004 Demo)
7. Tonight (2004 Demo)
8. So Cold (2004 Demo)
9. Song For The People (2004 Demo)
10. Take It Easy (2006 Recording)
11. Not Listening (Exclusive Mix)
12. Keep Believin (2006 Recording)
13. Rise (2006 Recording)